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Obitituaries of club members, former members, and family members of current members will be posted here for a period of time.  

Please inform the webmaster of any obituary that has not been posted that would be of interest to the membership. 


frank e. wadas

brother of patti snyder

Posted -  February 11, 2022

Bernadine Humphreys


Posted -  January 25, 2021

Lorraine Rose Ulichney

Mother of Sharon Lehman

Posted -  February 20, 2019

Wendy Dunbar

Fiancee of member, ron orkwis

Posted -  August 27, 2018

Audrey Coffey

member, Mother of Mary Lou Ryder, granDmother of john ryder jr.

Posted -  May 27, 2018

john t. morris

member, husband of gail morris


Posted -  Dec. 12, 2017


cleda shelby

former member, grandmother of john mcgeehan

Posted -  Dec. 6, 2017

charlotte arbogast

former member, preceded in death by her husband, former commodore, Karl Arbogast jr


Posted -  Nov. 22, 2017


Mary O'Malley 

grandmother of joan nunemacher


Posted - Nov. 7, 2017