Obitituaries of club members, former members, and family members of current members will be posted here for a period of time.  

Please inform the webmaster of any obituary that has not been posted that would be of interest to the membership. 


Bernadine Humphreys


Posted -  January 25, 2021

Lorraine Rose Ulichney

Mother of Sharon Lehman

Posted -  February 20, 2019

Wendy Dunbar

Fiancee of member, ron orkwis

Posted -  August 27, 2018

Audrey Coffey

member, Mother of Mary Lou Ryder, granDmother of john ryder jr.

Posted -  May 27, 2018

john t. morris

member, husband of gail morris 

Posted -  Dec. 12, 2017


cleda shelby

former member, grandmother of john mcgeehan

Posted -  Dec. 6, 2017

charlotte arbogast

former member, preceded in death by her husband, former commodore, Karl Arbogast jr 

Posted -  Nov. 22, 2017


Mary O'Malley 

grandmother of joan nunemacher 

Posted - Nov. 7, 2017