• 936 Lakeside DrivePole 91Harveys Lake
  • Do we rent boats or do we know anyone that rents boats on the lake?
No, Sorry!
  • How will I find out about Club functions, meetings and activities?   
The secretary will mail out the Commodore’s periodic Jib Sheet newsletters announcing Club activities, upcoming parties, events and meetings. A calendar of events for the year will also be included. Please sign up for emails on the home page, for even more timely information.  There is also a closed facebook group where information is shared among the membership.
  • Where would I see the bylaws for HLYC?  
The HLYC membership handbook (which is passed out at the Club each season) contains the bylaws, safety rules, name and phone numbers of the officers and the board and the name/address/phone number of all members. If you need a copy of the handbook please contact the Club secretary or download it from the home page.
  • Can I have private parties at the Club?  
Private parties at the Club are considered on a case-by-case basis. Inquiries must be directed to the Commodore. No private parties can be held Friday, Saturday or Sunday between Memorial Day and Labor Day. See Member Private Party Agreement below for more details.
  • Can I bring guests to the Club?  
Yes! However, as a member-funded, private Club some discretion should be used when inviting guests. For the good of the Club, guests who become frequent visitors should consider membership. Currently you are allowed a maximum of 10 guests without needing board approval.  The Private Party Agreement is available on the Documents page.
  • Can I bring my monkey to the Club?  
Sorry, no pets are allowed at the Club.
  • How do I sponsor a new member? 
Two members are required to nominate a person for membership. You must be a member in good standing and a member for at least 2 years to sponsor a new member. Sponsorships are limited to 2 during a five-year period. The New Member Application which you can obtain on the Documents page (password protected) must be mailed to the PO BOX with the membership initiation fee.  The application will be reviewed by the board and the applicant will be interviewed by the membership commitee.
  • How do scheduled Club picnics and breakfasts work?
A Club picnic or breakfast is a great opportunity to spend time socializing with and getting to know fellow members. The food and beverage service is planned, prepared and served by the volunteer organizers at a nominal cost to cover the expense. Members are not required to bring food or drink to these events!•
  • What is the format for a covered dish event?
The covered dish dinners require those attending to bring a side dish, vegetable, dessert or salad to be shared by those attending. The covered dish host(s) will provide and serve the entrée. A minimal charge to attendees is collected to cover the cost of the entrée.
  • Are there prescribed themes or formats for Club parties?
No! Hosted parties can take on any theme or format you wish. They can be a dinner/dance, covered dish or catered event. They may have a band, a solo performer, a disc jockey or no entertainment at all. The cost to attend is designed to cover expenses.
  • Can I use the kitchen facilities and equipment?
All facilities and equipment in your Club are there for your use. However, you must clean up your own mess and return equipment and furniture to the place from which they were taken. For sanitary reasons the refrigerators are cleaned out each week and all stored food discarded.
  • Can beer or other alcoholic beverages be consumed or stored at the Club?
Yes! There are two beer refrigerators located inside the Club. You can place beer or wine there for your own use. The door is kept locked for security and safety reasons. To obtain a key please contact the Club secretary. Liquor should be stored in your Club locker! (Please note: Storage of alcoholic beverages in the kitchen refrigerators/cupboards is prohibited.)
  • Are there any Club owned boats available for members use?
Yes, there are designated sailboats available for your use. See the Dock Master, Commodore or other member to identify one of the Club boats.
  • How do I get a locker, wet slip, dry boat storage or winter boat storage?
There is a waiting list for each posted on the Club bulletin board to place your name on. You can also contact the dock master directly.
  • Who cleans and winterizes the Club and opens it again in the spring?
The membership meets in the fall for decommissioning day to close the Club and in the spring for commissioning day to open up the Club for the season.
  • What are the Club hours and how do I get in?
You may use the Club at any time you wish. You have a key and the utilities are always on (from commissioning day to decommissioning day). If you are the last person using the Club on any given day or night it is your responsibility to turn off all the lights and lock all the doors.