2018 Season


Patti Snyder <br>
Patti Snyder

Commodore 2018-2019

Brad Arnaud <br>
Brad Arnaud

Vice Commodore 2018-2019

Past Commodore

Member since 1967

Not long after my parents moved our family to Dallas in 1963 they joined what was then called the Harvey’s Lake Boat Club. As an associate (junior) member I spent many summers swimming and waterskiing at the club. After marrying Karen in 1979 we decided to join the club as a family with our five children …and now grandchildren, we are still enjoying all that the Harvey’s Lake Yacht Club has to offer.

Ann Oley <br>
Ann Oley


Jay Humphreys <br>
Jay Humphreys

Treasurer Since 2018

Board Member 2014-2018

Past Commodore


Melissa Berti <br>
Melissa Berti

Board Member 2014-2018

Dan DiGiovanni <br>
Dan DiGiovanni

Board Member 2014-2018

Member Since 2007

I love watching my kids make memories that will last a lifetime.  I also enjoy driving my boat and enjoying a great summer sunset.

John Halbing <br>
John Halbing

Board Member 2015-2019

Member Since 1998

It’s a fantastic social club with many great friends. It was a great way very inexpensively for us to be on the lake before we purchased and built our lake house.  

John Ryder<br>
John Ryder

Board Member 2015-2019

Karen Arnaud <br>
Karen Arnaud

Board Member 2016-2020

Member Since 1979

Mike Kelly <br>
Mike Kelly

Board Member 2016-2020

Member Since 2014

Rick Morgan <br>
Rick Morgan

Board Member 2016-2020

Member Since 2014

I love Sundays at the club. Sundays start with an early morning paddle board ride and progress into a relaxing afternoon, sitting in my plastic Adirondack chair watching the lake and catching up with friends. I also enjoy hanging out with my family on the pontoon.

Incoming Board Member <br>
Incoming Board Member

Board Member 2017-2021

Incoming Board Member <br>
Incoming Board Member

Board Member 2017-2021

Other Committee Members

Lisa Anglovich <br>
Lisa Anglovich

Membership Committee Since 1999

Member Since 1995

HLYC is a great family oriented gathering place for fun in the sun, fine people, cocktails, food, conversation and sunsets!!

Jim Shedlarski <br>
Jim Shedlarski

Membership Committee

Mary Warner <br>
Mary Warner

Membership Committee

Barry Rosen <br>
Barry Rosen

Dock Master Since 2000

Nominating Committee SInce 2007

Past Commodore

Member Since 1996

I look forward to Commissioning Day each year, knowing that the season and fun are about to begin. The club is definitely a great place to meet new people and make lasting friendships. 

Jack Flynn <br>
Jack Flynn

Nominating Committee

Jenn Ronczka <br>
Jenn Ronczka

Social Director Since 2017

Member Since 2016

My husband and two children (Mason and Mitchell) love being members of HLYC to enjoy the lake, water sports, fun activities, and great friendships. We have made so many great memories and it has only been a year.  I hope to help bring some new and exciting fun to the club this year in my new role!

Sarah DiGiovanni <br>
Sarah DiGiovanni

Web Master Since 2017

Member Since 1982

I am a lifelong member of HLYC and it is safe to say it is my favorite place in the world.  People always joke that I must be so depressed in the winter, and truth be told, I am!  I feel so fortunate that my kids (Betsy and Reid) get to grow up experiencing the lake like I did.