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Scott Shuster's 2015 Sailing pics

Scott Shuster's 2014 Sailing pics

Kristyn Conrad's 2013 Commodore's Ball Pics

2012 Sailing Season pics

Kristyn Conrad's 2012 Shipwreck Pics

Kristyn Conrad's 2012 4th of July Pics

Kristyn Conrad's Pirate Party Pics - June 30, 2012

Kristyn Conrad's 2012 Commodore's Ball Photos

Susan Rosen's 2012 Commodore's Ball Photos

2011 Oktoberfest pictures courtesy of Dawn Shedlarski and Kristyn Conrad

Kristyn Conrad's photos from the Shipwreck Party - 2011

Kristyn Conrad's photos from the June 2011 Pirate Party

Photos from Committee boat dedication

Susan Rosen's 2011 Commodore's Ball Photos

Kristyn Conrad's 2011 Commodore's Ball Photos

Kristyn Conrad's 2010 Shipwreck Photos

Susan Rosen's 2010 Shipwreck Photos

Andy's 2010 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Kristyn Conrad's 2010 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Susan Rosen's 2010 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Alda's Board Boat Restorations

2009 Labor Day pics courtesy of Alda Maturi

2009 Shipwreck Pictures (thanks Kristyn, Susan, Doug and Tracy)

June 2009 Karaoke Party Pictures

Susan Rosen's Memorial Day 2009 Pictures

Susan Rosen's 2009 Launch Party Pictures

Andy's 2009 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Susan Rosen's 2009 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Kristyn's 2008 Shipwreck Pictures

Susan's 2008 Shipwreck Pictures

2008 Commodore's Ball Pictures

Some more 2007 HLYC Pics from Kristyn Conrad

Labor Day Picnic Pictures - 2007

Commodore's Breakfast Aug, 2007

Sailboat Races - August '07

Molly Davies' Shipwreck Pictures - 2007

Kristyn Conrad's Shipwreck Pictures - 2007

Sailing Pictures - 2007

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